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Count on our K9 patrol dogs to make the criminals run away in the opposite direction. Our patrol dog vehicles are well-kept and prominent from a distance so as to run away any kind of criminals from the sites under our protection. From training and grooming of dogs to follow-ups and management of dog patrol units, our well-experienced team takes care of each and every aspect of dog patrolling down to smallest detail. Our team holds weekly training sessions to monitor the performance of patrol dogs and fix any issues being faced in their performance. To offer our clients the added benefits of protection, we have already taken care of legislation and customer relationships in order to provide the highest degree of facilitation and protection


From firearms and drugs to explosives and criminalistic activities, our search dogs are well trained to detect any kind of security threats within the given premises. Count on our highly skilled dogs which are looked after by experienced professionals to provide you with the highest levels of security. Our specialization includes the supply of well-trained and highly efficient dog teams which are set to protect you all the time. Our highly skilled professionals handle the search dogs for the efficient detection of firearms, drugs or explosives. Furthermore, all of our search dog units are fully equipped with vehicles and instructions equipment.

Public and Private Constructions

At K9 Security, we give paramount importance to the safety and protection of our clients. Forget all worries of getting injured, attacked or being a victim of theft by hiring our effective construction security team today. From offering high-class security to giving advice on how to circumvent any construction site threats, our team does it all. Protect your site from the threats of robbery, theft, and vandalism by installing an efficient security force for it. We will make sure that all your projects never get delayed because of stolen parts and sensitive equipment. Our security guards will be recruited in your construction sites. They will work diligently all round the clock to make sure nothing or no one damages anything or anyone on your construction site.


Despite the prevalence of digital means of site security, there is absolutely no technology which can match the perfection and diligence of the physical presence of a security person within any specific premises. Our clients love us for the efforts and dedication which our security personnel put in maintaining a secure atmosphere around a specific area. Our manned guarding services are the best way to compensate for any technological glitches which may have threatened the site in the past. With K9 Security’s perfect team of UK’s best-manned security guards, you enjoy the freedom of safe and secure living or completion of day-to-day tasks.


Would you like to keep unwanted visitors away from external or internal routes in a specific location? K9 Security’s Mobile Patrol teams will act as diligent and effective visual deterrents to protect the internal and external routed from the intervention of any unwanted visitor. Our efficient team deploys tested security strategies which will not only keep unwanted visitors at bay but also leave little to no tracks of doing so. To maintain an element of ambiguity on certain routers, our mobile patrol team will patrol in this area randomly. Our mobile patrol officers immediately alert the concerned licensed professionals regarding the detection of any criminal activities in the premises. Our mobile patrol is of special importance for safe car parks and public gatherings.


Let us protect you from conflicts and any threats during evictions with our well trained K9 Security’s enforcement agent team. We make sure that each of our clients is assisted in the recovery of unlawfully occupied and squatted properties. K9 Security remains efficient and online throughout the idea. We are a team of highly capable individuals who can do anything amazingly in a given time frame. Contact our enforcement agents and count on them to act timely, decisively and lawfully to perform their job. From gathering support to ensuring the implementation of the law, our enforcement agent team will make sure no one is injured or killed.